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LOTTE Chemical Participates in K-2022 Global Exhibition and Unveils Eco-friendly Specialty Material Technologies


LOTTE Chemical Participates in K-2022 Global Exhibition and Unveils Eco-friendly Specialty Material Technologies

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█ LOTTE Chemical and LOTTE Fine Chemical participates in K-2022’ held in Düsseldorf, Germany

█ Composed of 3 zones of Green Play Zone, Specialty Solution Zone, and Project LOOP/Eco-Friendly Zone...

    Highlighting capacities and technologies of the ‘Every step for green’ vision and eco-friendly specialty materials


LOTTE Chemical and LOTTE Fine Chemical will participate in ‘K-2022’ that will be held in Düsseldorf, Germany for eight days from October 19 to 26 (German time).

K-2022 is the world’s largest plastic & rubber exhibition held once every three years, and it records the highest number of customers and visitors. Over 3,000 companies including global chemical companies such as BASF, DUPONT and Covestro will participate in this year’s event.

LOTTE Chemical first participated in the K-Show in 2019, and this year, it will have a 187㎡ booth. It will introduce the new growth engines of the hydrogen energy business and battery materials business, flagship products in mobility and specialty areas, and products applying Project LOOP and PCR.

LOTTE Chemical newly established the corporate vision ‘Every step for green’ containing its will for eco-friendly future growth this year, and this represents that the growth and business of LOTTE Chemical is heading toward a blue world based on sustainability. 

The booth will be composed of three areas such as the △Green Play Zone △Specialty Solution Zone and △Project LOOP / Eco-Friendly Zone, and it will highlight the ‘Every step for green’ vision and capacities of eco-friendly specialty products. Each zone will not only put on display a variety of actual products, but also set up contents utilizing videos and experience elements to draw attention of visitors.

The main contents of each zone are as follows.

1) Green Play Zone: Organically show the new growth engine value chain. Introduce the hydrogen energy business, battery materials business, and CCU contents using models, transparent displays and video contents.

2) Specialty Solution Zone: Introduce strategy products and technological capacities. Display the specialized products of LOTTE Chemical such as specialty, mobility, and design solutions.

3) Project LOOP / Eco-Friendly Zone: Display the nature circulation project, Project LOOP and PCR applied products, and other green materials such as medicine capsules and food.

Meanwhile, LOTTE Chemical plans to engage in PR activities to win the bid for the 2030 Busan World Expo for customers and visitors of its booth.