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LOTTE Chemical’s technologies help to enrich our daily lives.

Since its foundation in 1976, LOTTE Chemical has grown to become Korea’s leading chemical company and operates the world-class production facilities in Yeosu, Daesan, and Ulsan, the major petrochemical complexes in Korea.

Based on the stable operation of production facilities, LOTTE Chemical was able to build an efficient business portfolio, as well as secure the competitive edge through active expansion of production facilities and business range.

LOTTE Chemical’s extensive range of products from polymer to megatrend product groups is widely used in household goods that we frequently encounter in our everyday lives, as well as cutting-edge new materials.

LOTTE Chemical is striving to become a leader
in the global markets with the goal of growing into a 'Global Top 7' chemical company.

We have enhanced our competitiveness in the global chemical industry by diversifying our overseas production bases in the Southeast Asian market through the acquisition of Titan Chemical in Malaysia, completing the gas field project in Uzbekistan to diversify raw materials and develop the Central Asian market, and constructing an ethane cracker plant based on shale gas in the United States. Moreover, we established overseas branches in China, Japan, Hong Kong, Russia, the United States, Peru, Vietnam, and other countries to export outstanding products to more than 120 countries worldwide.

LOTTE Chemical is also striving to develop eco-friendly products and secure new growth engines for the future.

We have developed automobile plastic door modules that reduce automobile weight by using LFT, a lightweight material, and filament materials for high-speed 3D printers by using eco-friendly PLA. We also succeeded in producing Korea's first bio-pet that uses eco-frinedly materials. Moreover, it offers systems, processes and engineering technologies optimized for various water treatment fields such as purified water, reused water, and sewage MBR (membrane bioreactor). LOTTE Chemical is committed to developing products using eco-friendly technologies to carry out businesses that enhance our lives.

Current Status

Starting as Honam Petrochemicals in 1976, LOTTE Chemical has continued its history of passion and challenge
and has grown into a global chemical company representing Korea.

  • Company

    LOTTE Chemical Corporation

  • Date of Establishment

    March 16, 1976

  • CEO

    Shin Dong-bin,
    Kim Gyo-hyun,
    Lee Young-jun

  • Headquarters

    14F-16F, Lotte World Tower, 300 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul

  • No. of Employees

    5,330 in Korea and 5,348 in overseas

  • Sales

    KRW 15,123 billion won

  • Operating Profit

    KRW 1,107 billion won

  • Credit rating


  • Environmental, Social and
    Governance rating


    [As of December 31, 2019]

Business Domain

Lotte Chemical strives to develop and produce products that are closely related to consumers’ daily living.

Business Locations

LOTTE Chemical is enhancing its competitiveness in the overseas markets by establishing its presence worldwide beyond Asia.

Corporate Data

LOTTE Chemical thinks first of environment and humans, creating new values for sustainability.