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Sustainablility Management System

LOTTE Chemical is striving to achieve its vision of becoming the Global Top 7 Chemical Company by fulfilling its economic, social,
environmental responsibilities based on the systematic sustainability strategy and goal.

Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Lotte Chemical is actively implementing the management strategy that conforms to the UN SDGs to fulfill its responsibility as a global corporate citizen.

Lotte Chemical intends to develop the sustainable development models to resolve social issues and seek new growth engines based on the philosophy of “More than Chemistry” to create value beyond chemistry for the enriched life of humankind.

Sustainable Development Goals

What are Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

  • The UN General Meeting in September 2015 adopted the SDGs as the greatest common goal for the international communities to achieve together between 2016 and 2030 to construct a sustainable society worldwide.
  • The SDGs define 17 goals including countermeasures to poverty and climate change, resolution of inequality, and economic growth, with 169 detailed goals.
  • It is a detailed goal system that urges governments, businesses, and civil society to take global actions to end poverty on Earth and to create opportunities for the dignified lives of all.