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Investor Relations


Corporate Culture

LOTTE Chemical creates culture in which all members are happy, communicative, and creative.

Balance between Work and Life



LOTTE Chemical has built a corporate culture that prioritizes our employees' happiness in line with the increasing emphasis of work and life balance in our society. As a global player, we are leading the industry with family-friendly programs and work system tailored to individual lilfecycles in order to boost happiness and productivity of our employees.

  • PC-OFF System
  • Family Day
  • Family month events
  • Flexible work hours
  • Childbirth and nursing policies
  • Corporate Culture Enhancement Task Force

Win-Win cooperation of labor-mangement relations

LOTTE Chemical pursues the vision of "Together Labor-Management Culture" to realize higher corporate value. We are creating positive outcomes based on efficiency and innovation through a creative labor-management culture. We are also raising our employees' loyalty through two-way communications, and strengthening mutual trust and horizontal management. We will continue to share important issues and enhance mutual understanding with our employees through regular consultations using various channels.

  • Labor-management council/employee council
  • On-site Operations Committee
  • Conferences/workshops
  • Fulfilling labor-management joint social responsibility
  • Creation Dream Team (TPM)
  • Employee Distress Counseling Program

Flexible Communication Culture



LOTTE Chemical promotes communication among its employees to create a flexible corporate culture. We have established an advanced work environment and operated various programs to help employees communicate freely with each other. We intend to build an organization in which the employees actively communicate based on the open culture without barriers between groups and departments.

  • Smart office in headquarters
  • Casual Attire Day (every Fridays)
  • Mentoring and Reverse Mentoring
  • Active CEO Communication
  • Company newsletter