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Desired Qualities of Employees


Desired Qualities of Employees

LOTTE Chemical puts more weight on future potential than on current achievements
and is looking for global talents who have the passion and responsibility to mature our society with their growth.

01Those who
do not fear failure

LOTTE Chemical wants young talents who have the spirit to take risks and never give in to failure. Creative failure is the privilege of youth. We value active and aggressive challenging spirit that finds new hope in failures more than stability that avoids challenges out of fear.

02Those who make endless
efforts for self-development

LOTTE Chemical invitets young talents who develop their knowledge and capabilities in an attempt to succeed with their own abilities and not by chance. No one can win those who work hard and prepare in advance. We wait for young talents who continuously strive to develop themselves and the company.

03Those who know how to
cooperate and coexist

True leaders should know how to cooperate and take care of others. We believe that appreciation of those around us and the society we belong to can make our society warmer. We wait for individuals who not only value individual capability development, but also their responsibilities as social entities.
We encourage you to invest your vast dreams in LOTTE Chemical. We will continuously move forward to create the future that you dream of.