LOTTE Chemical HQ, held ‘2023 R&D Conference’


LOTTE's Chemical HQ, held ‘2023 R&D Conference’

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■ Lee Young Jun, CEO of advanced materials business and R&D personnel invited 50 researchers with doctoral degrees in science and engineering from major domestic universities to share group's research achievements and future vision in Daejeon, where the R&D center is located
■ LOTTE Chemical R&D center located in Daejeon, Uiwang, and Magok… In accordance with the ‘Every Step for Green’ vision, advancing existing petrochemical products and conducting R&D of new businesses such as eco-friendly specialty materials, hydrogen energy, and battery materials

On the 6th, LOTTE Chemical HQ invited 50 researchers with doctoral degrees in science and engineering from major domestic universities to share their research achievements and future vision.

Lee Young Jun, CEO of LOTTE Chemical's Advanced Materials Business, and related R&D personnel attended the '2030 LOTTE Chemical HQ R&D Conference', the first event since the establishment of the chemical group. They explained and shared eco-friendly material technology including physical/chemical recycling technology and future growth engine technology such as battery material and hydrogen energy.

LOTTE Chemical is conducting technology development to expand product areas of basic, advanced, and fine chemical materials centered on three research institutes: Daejeon General Technology Institute, Uiwang Advanced Materials Research Center, and Seoul Magok Innovation Center.

LOTTE Chemical said, “LOTTE Chemical HQ is expanding its R&D direction by specifying items for each existing and future business. We plan to recruit key research personnel by 2030.”

Meanwhile, in January 2022, LOTTE Chemical established the 'Carbon Neutral Research Center' with KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), the nation's best scientific talent training institution, and invested a total of 2 billion won in research by 2024 to ▲ Production of clean hydrogen through electrolysis ▲Eco-friendly naphtha production technology ▲Development of new materials applied to next-generation batteries ▲Optimization of clean hydrogen production cost through LCA (LCA) and reduction of carbon emissions, etc. Technology development and economic analysis are selected and following research is underway.

In August, for 『2030 Vision – Carbon Reduction Growth』, LOTTE chemical is preemptively securing future technologies necessary for business through open innovation research activities with universities, research institutes, companies, and experts. Also, the LINK (LOTTE Innovation Network) project, a project that achieves technological expansion through cooperation between non-adjacent industries, is in operation.