‘LOTTE Chemical'(hereinafter referred to as the ‘Company’) places great importance on the customer’s personal information, and complies with the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection. The Company’s policy of handling personal information explains for what use and how the personal information provided our customers is being used, and what measures are taken to protect personal information.

The Company handles with great care personal information that users provide and does its best to protect it. The Company’s personal information handling policies may be subject to change due to legal enactment/revision, governmental policy change, corporate policy change, and so on. Such revisions are posted on our website so that users can refer to it easily.

1. Collection of personal information and purpose of use

The Company collects personal information for the following purposes.
Personal information will not be used for any other purposes other than for the following purposes. We will ask for your consent before using information for a purpose other than those described in this policy.
A. customer service
Responses to complaints about products, record preservation for conflict settlement, and services in sales activity
B. providing services
Delivery of requested samples, provision of services, and various surveys for service quality improvement
C. Marketing
Development of new products, customized services, provision of events and advertising information and participation opportunities, services and advertisement according to demographic characteristics
D. Civil complaint services
Requests for viewing, revising, and handling personal information; requests for consultation; and handling of various reports
E. Request psychological consultation
Application for psychological consultation of employees and their families
F. Vendor health consultation management
Purpose of managing cases where there are unexpected issues while working at our business places
G. Provide product order information (customer)
Intending to provide information on product, quantity, etc. related to orders received by the company
H. Provide product delivery information (customer)
Intending to provide information related to shipping and delivery of products ordered by customers
I. Product delivery information (cargo)
Intending to provide information related to shipping and delivery of products ordered by customers

2. Maintenance of personal information

A. The Company must collect and preserve personal information only in accordance with related laws and regulations and users’ consent. Major items of personal information that the Company collects and holds include the following:
▶ Sample order, Contact us, Subscription newsletter etc. : Name, date of birth, address, phone number, e-mail, career
▶ Application for psychological consultation: name, gender, phone, e-mail
▶ Vendor health consultation management: mandatory information (name, company), optional information (weight, blood-sugar, blood pressure, Inbody results)
▶ Product order/delivery (join system membership): name, user’s mobile phone no., e-mail, system account information
▶ Order information (customer): ordering customer name, mobile phone no., telephone no., address, e-mail, name of recipient, Mobile phone no., telephone no., address, e-mail
▶ Delivery information: Driver’s name, mobile phone no., e-mail
▶ use information of system service use records, access logs, access IP, cookie, MAC address information

B. The Company collects personal information in the following ways:
▶ Sample order management : Users’ direct web submission of personal information
▶ contact us management : Users’ direct web submission of personal information
▶ News-letter management : Users’ direct web submission of personal information
▶ Psychological consultation request: submit by entering personal information on homepage
▶ Product order/delivery (join membership): submit by entering personal information of user through the homepage
▶ Order information (customer): collect by downloading order details in the company’s SAP
▶ Delivery information: Collect by downloading delivery details in the company’s SAP or shipping management system
▶ Access records, etc. : a tool to collect generated information

3. Maintenance of personal information and length of use

In the event that the purpose of handling collected personal information has been fulfilled, the retention period agreed upon has been expired, the period required by law has been expired, or a governmental office requires, the Company destroys the information without delay. The periods of information retention specified by the Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce Transactions, Etc. are as follows:
A. Records related to handling consumers’ complaints or conflicts: 3 years
B. Records related to display/advertisement: 6 months
C. Records related to contracts, subscription withdrawals, etc.: 5 years
D. Records related to payment and supply of goods, etc.: 5 years
E. Internet login records of user: 3 months

4. Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party

The Company will not provide collected personal information to a third party without obtaining users’ prior consent except in one of the following cases:
A. When there are specific legal regulations, or is inevitable to comply with legal responsibilities
B. When prior consent cannot be received because the subject of the information or his/her legal representative cannot express his or her intentions, or address is unclear, and when recognized to be clearly necessary for emergencies, physical wellbeing or property of the subject of information or a third person

5. Entrusting the collected personal information

The Company entrusts its handling personal information to the following company to provide services. The details are as follows:
▶Entrusted Services Related to Personal Information
- Trustee: ASIANA IDT INC. , Motioneye Co., LTD.
- Details of Entrusted Services: Handling personal information for homepage maintenance or data management

▶ Person (agent) consigned to handle personal information related to produce orders or delivery: transportation company contracted by company
Company Name Seopyeong Woojin Logistics Yullim Jeil Cargo Seosan Transportation Yoojin
Yoosung TNS Shindonga Transportation Daeryun Transportation Dongteuk Shinyoung Transportation Bosung

Work related to consigned handling: Work for product transportation and handling the accompanying personal information
Personal information items for consigned handling: Name, mobile phone no., e-mail of customer ordering product

When the handling of personal information is entrusted to another party, a consignment contract with the service provider is concluded in order to specify instructions for protection of personal information; confidentiality of personal information; prohibition of provision to a third party; responsibilities in case of an incident, etc. Such contract details are retained in a written or electronic form.

In the event that there is a change to the entrusted company or entrusted services, we will be notified via at least one of the following methods: written form, e-mail, telephone, SMS, website, etc.

6. Transfer of personal information overseas

Company consigns management of system operation and data management to Salesforce, a company that provides the corresponding system platform, and transfer of personal information overseas is as follows.
A. Person receiving personal information
- Salesforce Inc. (Inquiries on handling personal information: 1-844-287-7147)
B. Personal information transferred
- When signing up or changing membership information: name, user’s mobile phone no., e-mail, system account information
- Order information (customer): ordering customer name, mobile phone no., telephone no., address, e-mail, recipient name, mobile phone no., telephone no., address, e-mail
- Transportation information: driver’s name, mobile phone no., e-mail
- System use information: connection records such as logs related to connecting to website, IP address, cookies, MAC address, etc.
C. Country transferred to, transfer date, transfer method
- Member information: US/Japan, transmit using exclusive network when signing up or changing member information
- Order: US/Japan, transmit using exclusive network when system user uploads order details
D. Purpose and period of holding and using personal information by the recipient
- Purpose of use: Provide system platform service for company, product purchasing customer, product transport company, product delivery driver, etc.

- Possession and usage period: For member information, it is stored for 5 years from the date of giving consent to the collection and use of user’s personal information or from the date of entering contract, or for 5 years from the date of entering contract for order information.

However, should the mandatory storage period according to relevant laws is longer than the above period, it shall be held for the required period.

7. Rights of Users and Legal Representatives and How to Exercise Such Rights

A. Users may request anytime for viewing, modification, deletion, suspension of use, and withdrawal of registered personal information. In that case, the Company will take a necessary measure without delay through the basic identification procedures upon notification to the privacy administrator via telephone, e-mail, or in a written form.
B. In the event that users request for error correction in personal information, the Company does not use or provide the personal information until the revision is completed. In the event that incorrect personal information has already been provided to a third party, the third party will be notified of the correction without delay for a proper measure accordingly.
C. As for personal information whose deletion has been requested by a user, the Company handles such personal information in accordance with related laws and regulations as well as the company policies regarding periods of retention and use of such personal information. The Company sees to it that the information does not be used or accessed for any other purpose.
D. Users should keep personal information up-to-date and accurate in order to prevent unintended incidents. When an incident occurs due to the inaccuracy of information provided by the user, the user is responsible for the loss. Anyone who enters false information or commits an identity theft may be subject to legal measures for that violation of law.
E. Users not only have privacy rights but also are obligated to protect themselves and avoid infringement of others’ privacy. Please be careful not to disclose your or others’ personal information and not to damage others’ personal information contained in posts, etc. Anyone who fails to fulfill this responsibility and damages others’ personal information or dignity may be subject to punishment according to related laws and regulations.
F. Privacy Protection of Minors
The Company will not collect personal information of minor users in principle. When it is unavoidable to collect personal information of minors for the purpose of service, The Company will ask for the legal representative’s prior consent. Once the purpose of collection or use is fulfilled or when the retention period agree

8. Installation, operation and rejection of the automatic collection system of personal information and related matters

A. Our company utilizes the ‘cookie’ which continuously stores and retrieves our members’ information. A cookie is a very small text file saved to our member’s computer hard disk sent to the member’s browser by the server used to operate websites.
B. Cookies and purpose of use
By analyzing the access frequency and visiting times of both members and non-members, it is possible to understand the user’s taste and subject of interest while tracking search habits. By determining the participation level of various events and taking consideration of visiting times, we provide target marketing and services tailored to the individual. You have a choice as to whether to install cookies. By setting the options in your web browser, you may allow all cookies, confirm all cookies every time they is saved, or you may reject the storage of any cookies.
C. Method of rejecting cookie installment
A way of rejecting cookie installment is by setting the options in your web browser and allowing all cookies, confirm all cookies every time they are saved, or rejecting the storage of any cookies.
Example of set-up (for Internet Explorer): Go to the top of the web browser Tools > Internet Option > Personal Information However, if you reject installing of cookies, we may experience difficulties in providing you with services.

9. Disposal of Personal Information

In principle, the Company disposes personal information without delay once its purpose has been fulfilled or the retention period has been expired except that the information shall be retained in accordance with related laws.

Specific ways of disposal are as follows:
A. Personal information printouts: Shredding or incineration
B. Personal information in electronic formats: Permanent deletion in a non-restorable manner

10. Measures for Safety of Personal Information and for Technical/Administrative Management

In order to secure safety of information according to the Personal Information Protection Act and the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc., the Company takes the following technical/administrative/physical measures:
A. The Company establishes and practices internal management plans for safety handling of personal information.
B. Restriction on Access to Personal Information: The Company takes necessary measures to restrict access to personal information in such ways as grant, modification, and cancellation of access to the database system that processes personal information.
C. Authorization and Education of Employees: The Company authorizes employees who handles personal information and limits their number in order to secure the safety of personal> D. Encryption of Personal Information: Personal information is encrypted for safety retention and management.
E. Prevention of Forgery or Alteration of Retained Access Records: Access records are retained and managed for at least 6 months, and they are protected from any forgery, alteration, theft, or loss.
F. Installation and Renewal of Security Programs: In order to prevent personal information from leakage or damage by hackers, computer viruses, etc., the Company installs, regularly renews, and inspects security programs.
G. Use of Locking Devices for Document Security: The database system that retains personal information is kept in a physically separate place, and the established procedures are operated to restrict access to this area.

11. Collection of Opinions and Handling of Complaints about Personal Information

The Company collects user’s opinions regarding personal information protection and implements various procedures and methods to handle related complaints.
Users may report complaints via telephone or e-mail in reference to contact information, departments, and names of the customer service staff, personal information protection chief, and other related employees specified in Paragraph 12. The Company will provide prompt and sufficient replies to such reports of users. In addition, users may report complaints to any of the following governmental agencies:

- Personal information violation report center ( / dial118 without exchange)
- Personal information dispute mediation committee ( / dial118 without exchange)
- Supreme Prosecutors’ Office Cybercrime investigation division ( / dial1301 without exchange)
- National Police Agency Cyber Bureau ( / dial182 without exchange)

12. Personal Information Protection Chief

A. The Company protects the member’s personal information and has designated a division and a personal information manager to deal with complaints related to personal information

CPO(Chief Privacy Officer) : Digital Transformation Division
Privacy Protection staff : PI(Process Innovation)Team
Phone Number:+82-2-829-4523
E-mail :

13. Modification to Personal Information Policies

This set of personal information policies will come into effect on the date of enforcement. In the event that an addition, deletion, or modification is necessary according to related laws or policies, we will be notified at least 7 days before such modification.
<Additional Rules>
1. Total revision of personal information handling policies
Date of Enforcement: October 22, 2007
2. As some provisions of personal information handling policies have been revised and complemented
Date of Enforcement: July 25, 2013
3. As some provisions of personal information handling policies have been revised and complemented, personal information handling policies are separated from personal information management policies.
Date of Enforcement: August 24, 2015
4. Total revision of personal information handling policies (Handling policies according to the Information Communications Network Act and personal information management policies according to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information have been integrated as personal information handling policies with this set of policies. Revision to provisions regarding personal information consignment)
Date of Enforcement: January 1, 2018
5. Partial revision of personal information handling policies
Date of Enforcement: August 1, 2020
6. Partial revision of personal information handling policies
Date of Enforcement: October 25, 2021