LOTTE Chemical strives to procure platform technologies and develop new products based on R&D capacities accumulated over 45 years.
We are continuously strengthening core development capacities to become a global materials company and we are expanding product development and technological support for overseas subsidiaries to support global strategies, and furthermore, we are taking the lead for developing eco-friendly technologies that can protect Earth to create future value.
LOTTE Chemical R&D Center
We are focusing on procuring platform technologies and strengthening competitiveness through the development of polymer resins, research in catalysts, and developing specialty products based on olefin/aromatic compounds Through various R&D from its representative plastic polymer material, polyolefin resin, to new materials, we are expanding industrial application fields and striving to develop eco-friendly products and to discover future growth momentum in order to create the platform for sustainable growth.
Advanced Materials Research Center
Based on our accumulated research experience and technologies, we are developing highly functional synthetic resin products and construction materials to offer specialized material solutions for the innovation of customer products across various fields such as internal and external materials for household appliances and IT devices, as well as advanced materials for construction, medical devices, and automobiles. Furthermore, we are developing water treatment separation membrane technologies as our next-generation growth engine, and we are expanding our market share focusing on domestic and foreign sewage treatment facilities.
Future Technology Institute
The Future Technology Institute established in 2018 is working hard on analyzing future market trends and searching for new cash crops of the company, and it is engaged in activities for constructing a new industry ecosystem such as finding venture companies possessing promising new technologies.
Yeosu Production Technology R&D Center
The Production Technology R&D Center located in LOTTE Chemical Yeosu Plant conducts R&D activities specifically related to the actual production process.Yeosu R&D Center consists of three departments: process research, catalyst development, and quality control. It contributes to securing production competitiveness and improving customer satisfaction through efficient analysis and innovation-oriented R&D activities.
LOTTE Chemical R&D Center
Future Technology Institute
Uiwang R&D Center(Advanced Materials)
Yeosu Production Technology R&D Center(Basic Chemicals)