Fair and systematic promotion program
LOTTE Chemical operates fair and systematic promotion systems by comprehensively evaluating performance and skill.
Moreover, we have introduced a special promotion system for employees who have demonstrated excellent performance by promoting them ahead of the set promotion period regardless of age, gender, or background.
Associate (A) Min. years for promotion : 3 years,Senior Associate (SA) Min. years for promotion : 4 years,Manager (M) Min. years for promotion : 6 years,Senior Manager (S2 ) Min. years for promotion : 4 years,Senior Manager (S1)
※ The positions below are based on the Business Support job group, and LOTTE Chemical operates a separate promotion system for each group.
Reasonable evaluation
Lotte Chemical evaluates personal performance (achievements) and qualification (ability) fairly and provides adequate feedback.
We provide appropriate opportunities for promotion and compensation in order to motivate employees and to improve their loyalty.
company performance,Organizational assessment,Personal rating Achievement evaluation Competency evaluation,
                            Overall evaluation,Promotion,Monetary compensation,Welfare benefits