Mutual Growth

We operate practical mutual growth programs through strategies of transactional relations, win-win cooperation,
and strengthened communication to reinforce win-win cooperation and mutual growth with partners.
We are striving to help partners to grow and develop on their own through various support ranging from finance to improved competitiveness, technology, etc.
In order to assertively comply with the broad range of social responsibilities such as labor, environment, human rights, safety, and
ethics for all businesses in the supply chain, we are striving to elevate sustainable management of partner companies to global levels.
LOTTE Chemical pursues sustainable coexistence with partners by implementing a supply chain management system that fits the global ESG index.

Supply Chain Management Goal

Potential Risk Management,- Establish ESG compliance standards between our company and partner companies 
                            - Perform independent inspections using sustainable management indices and systematically identify risk statuses,Improved Management System,- Hold essential ESG index training for major client companies once a year
                            - Support ESG support programs for partner companies for quantitative management of risk,Improve Mutual Satisfaction Levels,- Preemptive response for new trends by constructing ESG supply chain management system 
                            - Directly help mid- to long-term partner company management activities such as expanded sales channels, risk management, etc.

Supply chain ESG support project

LOTTE Chemical is engaging in sustainable management expansion projects to elevate sustainable management of partner companies to global levels.
We cooperated with the mutual growth committee to establish guidelines meeting global ESG indices and domestic laws and regulations, and we are providing support to improve the sustainable management levels of 30 companies a year by dispatching experts to partner companies.

The sustainable management guideline provides detailed guidelines for management standards that meet global standards in major ESG areas such as labor, human rights, environment, safety, ethics, fair transaction, management system, etc. and to respond to domestic laws and various regulations.

Furthermore, we are issuing ESG execution level certifications through the mutual growth committee to verify the level of executing ESG in the global supply chain or when doing business with other conglomerates.

Partner Company Application (Purchase Team/CSV Team) and Training,Self-Check,Site Diagnosis,Issue Certificates