Desired Qualities of Employees

LOTTE Chemical puts more weight on future potential than on current achievements
and is looking for global talents who have the passion and responsibility to mature our society with their growth.
Vision 2030
도전하는 인재,challenger
Top talents driving execution
Top talents in their fields who take on new
opportunities and tough challenges
with high energy and enthusiasm
  • Attracts Top Talent
  • Action Oriented
조화로운 인재,Harmonizer
Harmonious talents respecting diversity
Talents who recognize values of different
perspective and culture to organization therefore
collaborate for shared objectives
  • Collaborates
  • Values Differences
전문적인 인재,Expert
Talents with business Insight
and Strategic Mindset
Talents who anticipates future possibilities
and build strategies within knowledge of business
and the marketplace to reach organizational goal
  • Strategic Mindset
  • Business Insight
능동적인 인재,Motivator
Talents who are self-develope
runder responsibility
Talents who do their best to achieve
organizational goal based on sense of ownership
and accountability
  • Drives Engagement
  • Ensure Accountability