HR Policy

With the belief that the company can grow only when employees and their families are happy,
we operate various welfare programs that are tailored to individuals' life patterns to create a
flexible and pleasant workplace in which our employees can demonstrate their full potential.

Life Cycle Welfare Programs

Join LOTTE Chemical,Early Stage (~ 10 years),Professional/Personal Development Programs,
                            Middle Stage (~ 20 years),Family-friendly Programs,Late Stage (20 years~),Family-friendly / Retirement-preparatory Programs

A Variety of Welfare Programs

  • Housing/Living

    - Mortgage loans

    - Company housing
      / Dormitory support

    - Personal pension support

    - Support for family affairs

  • Parenting/Education

    - Parental leave system

    - Workplace nursery

    - Tuition support for children

    - Cultural activities for
      employee families

  • Health Care

    - Comprehensive medical

    - Periodical health diagnosis

    - Accident Insurance

    - Medical expenses support

    - Support for employees with
      infertility (paid medical leave)

  • Self-development
    /Leisure Support

    - Support for employee club activities

    - Support for foreign language studies

    - Condo/resort

    - Support for benefits mileage

    - Employee credit card sponsored
      by Lotte Group (W Card)

    - Refresh vacation policy