Environment & Safety Management

We are pursuing green management and zero-accident through systematic management
and innovation placing utmost priority on the environment and safety.

Global Top Sustainable Safety Culture
Establishment of the Sustainable Safety Culture of the Highest Global Standard

LOTTE Chemical operates the independent environmental safety management organization
based on the OHSAS18001 safety and health system and is currently in the process of adopting ISO45001.
Moreover, we are strengthening voluntary environmental safety management by increasing the awareness of safety
to prevent accidents and actively carrying out the safety system enhancement and employee education/training to enable quick response.
Maturation of conscious behavior,System optimization,Improvement or audit

Training to prevent disaster for each situation

  • Forced entry in case of fire from pump leakage

    Forced entry in case of fire from
      pump leakage

  • Safety check by Honorary Industrial Safety Inspector

    Safety check by Honorary Industrial
      Safety Inspector

  • Safety experience education center

    Safety experience education center

  • Joint firefighting drill

    Joint firefighting drill

  • Education on first aid

    Education on first aid

  • Lifesaving training

    Lifesaving training

Voluntary Inspection Activities

  • Voluntary Inspection Activities1
  • Voluntary Inspection Activities2
  • Voluntary Inspection Activities2
  • Voluntary Inspection Activities3

RC (Responsible Care)

LOTTE Chemical strives to voluntarily implement six codes “process safety, safety and health, environmental protection, transportation safety, community awareness improvement, emergency response, and product liability.”
In addition, we carry out social contribution programs to communicate with local stakeholders.


· The atom embodies chemistry.
· Both hands signify care and protection indispensable to the chemical industry.
· The green color symbolizes the environment and nature.

Emergency Response

LOTTE Chemical operates the emergency response organization to respond effectively to various on-site risks such as fire, explosion, and gas/oil leakage.
We conduct the virtual emergency response training participated by all employees regularly to minimize damage through the quick and systematic response during an emergency situation.

  • · Operation of comprehensive disaster prevention system: Plant monitoring
  • · Establishment of automatic fire monitoring system in all plants
  • · Centralized management of vulnerable areas through CCTV
  • · Building emergency response system

Healthcare Activities

LOTTE Chemical operates the health administration office in each plant for all employees to receive medical advice and service conveniently.
We also operate the fitness center to promote employees’ health.

  • Employee Health Promotion Activities
  • · Medical examination, supply of medicine, and diagnosis and counseling to prevent health disorders
  • · Activities to prevent occupational diseases: Identification and improvement of tasks that are vulnerable to health disorders and scientific management
  • · Non-smoking campaigns and blood donation: Education on stop smoking (providing non-smoking aids and non-smoking acupuncture treatment) and encouraging blood donation
  • · MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) management: Registration of MSDS generated in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act and the guidelines in the “Globally
  • Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals” and regular education of all employees