Welcome to LOTTE Chemical’s website.

“LOTTE Chemical contributes to the rich
life of humankind through chemistry.”
LOTTE Chemical is creating a ‘better world through chemistry’ to protect our one and only Earth and to move toward a sustainable tomorrow. Since its establishment in 1976, LOTTE Chemical has grown into a global chemical company that operates production facilities at a global scale in key regions such as Korea, Malaysia, the United States, and Uzbekistan, through continuous challenges and innovation for over 40 years. Products that enhance the value of our lives such as household items, medicine, automobiles, construction and interior materials and water-treatment products are the results of LOTTE Chemical working around the clock for a more abundant life for people. LOTTE Chemical has not become complacent on its achievements, but is preparing for the future that will entail environmental changes throughout the materials business in order to become an eco-friendly chemical materials company based on the ‘Green Promise 2030’ initiative.
Furthermore, we are procuring future growth engines through ongoing R&D and new businesses, constructing an efficient business portfolio based on outstanding cost-competitiveness, strengthening business competency, and striving to create social value to become a company that plans for the future as a responsible member of society. LOTTE Chemical pledges to continue to be deeply involved in the concept of a better future by maintaining a solemn commitment to contributing to the prosperity of all humankind and opening a new chapter in history, with the goal of becoming a Global Top 7 Chemical Company. Thank you.

CEO, LOTTE Chemical Corp.

Kim Gyo-Hyun