Corporate Identity

LOTTE Chemical’s corporate brand identity connotates the unique philosophy, core values, and future goals,
while containing the values toward a world of harmony between humans and nature.
Symbol Mark

The symbol mark of the LOTTE Group is the most important symbolic element that integrates the image of LOTTE,
and it contains the vision of Lifetime Value Creator and stands for the pledge to ‘always give new values in every moment of life.’

Logo Type

The logo type visualizes the official name of LOTTE Chemical, and it cannot be used through arbitrary modification for any reason.


The symbol mark and logo type are combined and shall be used when officially indicating the LOTTE Chemical company name, and using the symbol mark alone is not allowed.

The LOTTE Chemical CI logo is an intellectual property protected by the Trademark Act and
it may not be arbitrarily altered or used without prior authorization.

Main Color
  • PANTONE 485c
    M100 Y100
    R218 G41 B28
    LOTTE Red

    or Used

  • PANTONE 2955C
    C100 M75 Y30 K15
    R6 G73 B117
    LOTTE Chemical Blue

    or Used

  • PANTONE 368C
    C50 M0 Y100 K0
    R141 G198 B63
    LOTTE Chemical Green

    or Used

  • PANTONE 425C
    C48 M29 Y26 K76
    R84 G88 B90
    LOTTE Chemical Gray

    or Used

  • PANTONE 877C
    LOTTE Chemical Silver

    or Used

The basic colors of the LOTTE Chemical logo are LOTTE Red, LOTTE Chemical Blue, and LOTTE Chemical Green, and
gray and silver may also be used in a limited fashion for special expressions.