Social Contribution

We will protect the environment, mutually grow with the community, and fulfill our corporate social responsibilities so that everyone may be happy.
  • Nature

    • 폐플라스틱 선순환 프로젝트

      Waste plastic circulation project

      Project LOOP is a waste plastic circulating economy project using only domestic resources.
      We are constructing a circulating loop of collecting clean PET bottles to turn them into resources and then products.

    • 지역 클러스터 조성

      Establish local cluster

      We are installing separate recycling tables for transparent PET bottles, labels and lids at apartments, and clean PET bottles collected undergo a resourcing process to turn into products.

    • 자연정화 활동

      Nature purification activities

      We engage in annual eco-river volunteer activities and are contributing to the restoration of the ecosystem by deploying soil balls made by mixing effective microorganisms (EM) and red clay.

  • People

    • 폐플라스틱 선순환 프로젝트

      Music Therapy at Bobath Children’s Hospital (Rehabilitation)

      We sponsor music therapy for children of hard-to-cure diseases and their guardians together with Bobath Children’s Hospital. It helps with the physical and psychological recuperation of children with disabilities and helps lower stress levels for parents

    • 지역 클러스터 조성

      Comfortable residential environment for working mom

      We support essential home repair work such as replacing wallpaper and flooring, window frame replacement and installation, and sink replacement, etc. that are old and uncomfortable for single working moms.

    • 자연정화 활동

      Supporting the Educational Independence Support

      We offer basic science books to local schools every year and also support scholarships and school uniform costs for the socially vulnerable so that they may grow into human resources for the future and become independent.

  • Society

    • 폐플라스틱 선순환 프로젝트

      Sponsoring Families from the KBS Documentary, “Companion”

      We provide housing, furniture and items for the socially vulnerable through the public interest TV program to help construct a social safety net and to improve civic awareness.

    • 지역 클러스터 조성

      Supporting Cultural Activities for Firefighters

      We recognize the dedication of firefighters in protecting the safety of our employees in our business sites and the local residents of the neighborhood we are in. To show appreciation and respect for their hard work, LOTTE Chemical promotes various sponsorship activities.

    • 자연정화 활동

      Support for Economic Independence

      We operate the Red Meal Bus, share side dishes, and support daily commodities for the vulnerable class, while regularly sponsoring facilities such as welfare centers, recuperation centers, and child care centers.