[Press Release] LOTTE Chemical participates in ‘KBIS 2020' North America’s Greatest Kitchen and Bath Fair


LOTTE Chemical participates in ‘KBIS 2020',
north America’s greatest kitchen and bath fair

■ Targeting the U.S. market with premium engineered stone and high value-added∙functional artificial marbles

 LOTTE Chemical will participate in 'KBIS 2020 (The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show 2020)' in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 21 through 23.  
 KBIS is North America’s greatest kitchen and bath fair attracting about 2,500 companies from around the world and over 120,000 visitors every year.  It represents the global trends for artificial marble and engineered stone products at a glance.

 LOTTE Chemical’s Advanced Materials Division manufactures architectural and interior design materials, such as artificial marbles and engineered stone, participated in KBIS as LOTTE Brand in 2017 and 2018.  KBIS 2020 is the first fair after the merger of LOTTE Chemical and LOTTE Advanced Materials and the official name for the show will be LOTTE Chemical for the first time.

 LOTTE Chemical will officially launch ‘Locelain,’ the ceramic brand of 100% natural ores.  'Locelain' presents porcelain materials that are stronger against contamination and more durable than regular ceramics and can be applied to tables, kitchen countertops, and exterior walls.  It is best for premium exterior finishes with almost permanent lifespan.

 LOTTE Chemical will merge with Lotte Advanced Materials as of January 1 to reinforce the portfolio of high value-added specialty products and construct an integrated system of production and management from ingredients to end products for greater competitiveness in the market.