[Press Release] LOTTE Chemical published The 2018 Sustainable Management Report


LOTTE Chemical published The 2018 Sustainable Management Report

Clear disclosure of new business performances, social contribution activities, and other details of sustainable management.
CEO Byung-Yeon Lim says, We will strive to create social values beyond social responsibilities.”

LOTTE Chemical has published the 2018 Sustainable Management Report to communicate with customers and interested parties.

First published in 2007, LOTTE Chemical’s Sustainable Management Report clearly discloses the Company’s business, social, and environmental performances and objectives every year to provide valid information to internal and external interested parties as a major tool of communication for gathering and reflecting opinion.   

Compared to the last year’s report, the current report was more focused on the performances of new businesses, including the completion of ECC (ethane cracker) and EG factories in the U.S., and their efforts to create social values through various social contribution activities.  It also discusses the performances of LOTTE Chemical’s sustainable management, including introduction of systems to create a corporate culture that balances work and life and investments to prevent safety and environmental risks.

LOTTE Chemical has been recognized for its disclosure of information and sustainable management efforts and has won the Spotlight Awards conferred by the world-renowned LACP (League of American Communications Professionals) in the Sustainable Management Report Division for five consecutive years since 2014.