[Company News] LOTTE Chemical Overseas Branches Supply Goods to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19


LOTTE Chemical Overseas Branches Supply Goods to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

Overseas branches donate sanitary goods, etc. to prevent COVID-19

Overseas branches of LOTTE Chemical supplied sanitary goods in the country where LOTTE Chemical does business to prevent COVID-19.

The Malaysian subsidiary LC Titan donated 3.5 tons of polypropylene to the Ministry of International Trade
and Industry (MITI) for the production of COVID-19 testing swabs and facial protective gear in April.

Malaysian Petrochemical Association (MPA) affiliated member companies used the donated raw materials to produce testing swabs and facial protective gear and donated it to local national hospitals. The 3.5 tons of polypropylene that was donated is enough to produce a million test swabs and ten thousand facial protective gear frames.

LC Titan delivered 1,000 relief food sets to poor families having difficulty to make ends meet due to the stay-in-place orders in Johor Baharu where its plant is located. A spokesperson for LC Titan said, “We are continuously reviewing and implementing various assertive plans that can help Malaysian regions react to COVID-19.”

LC Titan is operating production bases in Malaysia and Indonesia and it has an annual production capacity of PE 1,015,000 mt/year and PP 590,000 mt/year respectively.

In addition, the LOTTE Chemical US branch, LC USA donated USD 100,000 (KRW 120 million) to community organizations at Lake Charles in Louisiana through LACC, its joint venture with Westlake, on May 14. This donation was donated to a total of five places including the community organization “Community Foundation” and it will be used to support people who lost their jobs because of COVID-19.

LC USA is a holdings company that possesses the two business corporations LACC and LCLA located in Lake Charles, Louisiana. LACC produces 1 million mt/year of ethanol through ethane decomposition and LCLA produces 700,000 mt/year of EG.