[Press Release] LOTTE Chemical Holds ‘Plastic Bottle Collection Campaign’


LOTTE Chemical Holds 'Plastic Bottle Collection Campaign'

LOTTE Chemical held the 'Plastic Bottle Collection Campaign' for about 1,000 visitors to the Seoul LOTTE World Mall on June 9.
It offered the experience and training on recycling by giving bottles of water and having participants remove the label on the empty PET bottles to throw it away at the collection devices installed at LOTTE World Mall at the entrance to the mall.
In addition to LOTTE Group’s #1 day 1 green campaign that began on June 5, it aimed at giving meaning to participating in virtuous cycle activities to reduce plastic environmental issues through small exercises in everyday life.
CEO Kim Gyo-hyun visited the site and also took part in recycling empty plastic bottles and stated, “We will do our part in creating a culture of properly using and recycling resources and to construct an environment for virtuous cycles of plastics.”
Starting with the plastic circulating economy ‘Project LOOP’ MOU ceremony in March of this year, LOTTE Chemical installed the empty bottle collection equipment ‘Nephron’ in six places around LOTTE World Mall and LOTTE World, and it is currently in test runs with the goal of collecting 10 tons of empty bottles by July of this year. Plans are to manufacture eco-friendly products such as clothes, bags and shoes using the collected plastic bottles as raw materials.