[Press Release] LOTTE Chemical published The 2019 Sustainable Management Report


LOTTE Chemical published The 2019 Sustainable Management Report

Clear disclosure of new business performances, social contribution activities, and other details of sustainable management
LOTTE Chemical discloses management performance and social value creation activities and publishes Sustainable Management Reports every year to post on the Website and communicate with customers and interested parties.

The 2019 Sustainable Management Report, which is the 13th report, introduced LOTTE Chemical's activities to resolve the problems encountered in economics, environment, and society and realize social values in relation to UN SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals) suggested by UN.

The latest report elaborates the environmental performance, including the 'Project LOOP' that develops eco-friendly products and constructs a vital cycle of plastic recycling with social startups and the purchase history of eco-friendly products and services.  It also contains various social contribution activities specialized in local sites and in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and Pakistan.

A full list of business performance is found as well. Some of the new projects promoted in 2019 in Korea and abroad include completion of the ECC and MEG plant with shale gas in the U.S., joint investment with GS Energy, and acquisition of Belenco, an engineered stone maker of Turkey.  As LOTTE Chemical merged with LOTTE Advanced Materials this year, local and international sites and products have been added for advanced material businesses.

“The environment is certainly unpredictable these days, but we will break through the hardships by improving our qualities and core capacities,” said CEO Kim Gyo-Hyun in the Foreword. "We will expand specialty businesses, promote innovation, including Digital Transformation, and take initiatives for a vital cycle of plastic recycling to realize management performance and social value at the same time."