[Press Release] LOTTE Chemical awarded General Grade ‘A’ from ESG Evaluation.


LOTTE Chemical awarded General Grade ‘A’ from ESG Evaluation.

█ Awarded General Grade ‘A’ for authentic efforts to realize mutual growth through social responsibilities and environmental management.

Lotte Chemical has been awarded General Grade ‘A’ from KCGS’s 2020 ESG Evaluation of Listed Companies.

KCGS evaluated 963 major companies in Korea to grade them in terms of the environment, society, governance, and more and announce the general grade of all last 14th.

Lotte Chemical earned Grade A in social responsibilities and governance and was awarded the general grade of ‘A.’

The latest evaluation has acknowledged Lotte Chemical’ various social contributions, transparent management activities, and eco-friendly policies for the sustainable management systems and the company has stepped up a grade in about a year.

“The ESG grade evaluates and studies the governance and social responsibilities of companies to encourage sustainable management and provide the participants of capital market with indices representing the companies’ level of ESG management.

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, Governance and is used as a standard for judging companies’ non-financial performance1). The environment part included factors such as the impact of climate change, reduction of environmental pollutants at worksites, and development of eco-friendly products and the society part involved human resources management, industrial safety, subcontracting, product/service safety, and fair competition. Finally, governance included factors such as shareholders’ rights, composition and activities of Board of Directors, audit systems, and dividends.