[Company News] LOTTE Chemical develops PP materials for melt-blown filters for masks.


LOTTE Chemical develops PP materials for melt-blown filters for masks.

█ Developed PP materials for mask filters for the extended persistence of COVID19.
█ Successfully launched 5 products in the market in 2020 for stably supply of masks.

<(Left) Mask Composition (Melt Blown Filter), (Right) Melt Blown Filter (X500, SEM image)>
LOTTE Chemical has developed polypropylene (PP) materials for melt blown (MB) filters for safety masks.

With the extended persistence of new COVID19, masks have become a daily essential and the demand also is constantly growing.

The key raw material of masks that block the virus is the static electric filter. Static electric filter is produced using the MB method, which means “melt blown.” The PP material that is melted with heat in the extruding machine is extruded through the nozzle to create the form of unwoven fabric. The MB fabric consists of micro-fine fibers that are 10μm or smaller with micro pores to block the smallest particles of spray at 5μm, so it can effectively protect you from the COVID19.

In order to produce masks for MB filters, it is important to use the PP material with ultra-fluidity. Lotte Chemical’s PP for MB boasts exceptional spinnability with narrow dispersion of molecules and endures discoloration with high stability when exposed to high temperatures and external aggressors in everyday life (NOx gas, etc.).

LOTTE Chemical have successfully mass-produced it since it was first produced in June 2020 and completed five product lines with MI (melting index) adjusted from 250 to 1,800. With them, the requirements of MB filter manufacturers can be actively addressed.

The PP material for MB filters developed by Lotte Chemical has passed the KF94 performance tests by a number of MB filter manufacturers in Korea and is constantly expanding sales.

Also, it can be used for sanitary items and sound absorbers and is expected to increase sale in Korea and abroad.

“It is obvious for a material company to develop a mask material to prevent the COVID19 and we will strive to benefit the world through Chemical by developing materials that the mankind and environment need,” said Director Kyung Bo Kang of Lotte Chemical’ Basic Material Lab.