[Company News] LOTTE Chemical ‘focuses’ on high-clarity medical PP [ENG/CHN]


LOTTE Chemical ‘focuses’ on high-clarity medical PP for COVID19 vaccinations

█ The needs for medical polypropylene (PP) have grown due to the increasing use of vaccination for COVID19.
█ LOTTE Chemical has Korea’s only lineup for high-clarity PP. 

█ “Planning to supply materials for medical supplies and vaccinations in Korea and abroad for successful vaccination against COVID19. ’
The interests in plastic materials for medical and healthcare use are growing for injections, medical equipment, mask filters, mask filters, and other antibacterial materials in regards to COVID19. As COVID19 vaccination has begun worldwide, the use of injections has increased exponentially to increase the needs for medical PP.

PP has many strengths, including resistance to heat and shock, clarity, and high fluidity and medical PP certified for medical use is widely used for various medical supplies, including IV bags and bottles and syringes.

LOTTE Chemical’s medical PP has recently been applied to the LDS (low dead space) syringes developed by Poonglim Pharmatech, a medical syringe manufacturer in Korea. The syringes will be used for vaccination against COVID19 in Korea and abroad. In order to be applied to the LDS syringes, the materials need to be certified high-clarity for a clear view of what is inside and suitable for medical purposes.

Syringes are mostly composed of PP except for the needles and gaskets. In detail, PP is applied to the barrel and plunger, PVC or elastomer to the gasket at the end of the plunger, and PP to the tip protector and needle hub. High-clarity PP is applied to the barrel that requires clarity.

LOTTE Chemical is producing not only SJ-170M that has been certified for medical use, but also J-560M, the high-clarity product that is suitable for sterilization by gamma rays.

“J-560M has been mass-produced since 2011 and acquired USP Class VI and FDA DMF certifications in 2013 to expand sales. Its revenue tripled in 2020 compared to 2019. This is because the demands for medical materials have increased sharply for the diagnostic kits, etc. following the spread of COVID19, which has affected the expansion of high-clarity PP market in addition to the general PP market. ”

Also, J-560M1 has been developed for pre-filled syringes (PFS) to obtain USP Class VI certification. The use of PFS is growing around the world as it conveniently removes the need to draw the solution from an ampoule or vial, allows the injection of accurate doses, and prevents the contamination that may occur in the prepping process.
<LOTTE Chemicals’ PP Materials for Syringes>
                      * High Clarity PP Additives: NX8000, Milliken Chemical
As the needs for syringes are expected to explode for the vaccination against COVID19, LOTTE Chemical is expanding the development of special polypropylene materials to ensure strict production quality control of medical materials, including high-clarity PP, and to accommodate the growing needs related to healthcare and safety.

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█ 随着COVID-19疫苗注射器需求激增,医用聚丙烯(PP)的需求增加
█ 乐天化学是韩国唯一的高透明医用PP材料生产商  

█ “乐天化学医用PP材料广泛应用于国内外医疗用品和COVID-19疫苗注射器等产品,迎接疫苗接种的成功 ’


最近韩国医用注射器制造商‘PoongLim Pharmatech Inc.’使用了乐天化学的医用PP原料,成功开发生产最小注射余量(LDS:Low Dead Space)注射器。制造出来的LDS注射器将用在全世界COVID病毒的疫苗注射。为了进一步了解LSD注射器,特别对LSD注射器各个组成部分进行介绍如下:

注射器材质除了Needle及Gasket以外,大部分由PP构成,从配件来看,注射器躯干Barrel及推拉作用的Plunger使用PP,Plunger末端的Gasket使用PVC或弹性体、Tip Protector及Needle hub使用PP。尤其是,需要高透明性的特殊注射器的Barrel采用高透明度PP。

与此相对应,乐天化学不仅生产有医疗认证的SJ-170M,而且生产透明度增强并可以通过伽马射线消毒的高透明PP产品J-560M 。

乐天化学自2011年起开始批量生产J-560M,2013年该牌号获得USP Class VI和FDA DMF认证后,销量不断扩大,2020年的销售额对比2019年增涨了3倍。这是由于COIVD-19疫情带来Test kit等医用材料需求增加所致,一般PP以及高透明PP的需求都相应增加。

另另外,乐天化学正在开发 预充注射器(Pre-filled Syringe, PFS)用途的J-560M1,目前正在进行USP Class VI认证。由于预充注射器无需从安瓿瓶或拜尔瓶等容 器中提取注射液,具有方便性和正确使用容量、预防注射时产生的污染等优点,预充注射器在全世界使用量率正在逐渐增加。
                      * 高透明PP添加剂 : Milliken chemical,NX8000

Product inquiries: / T +82-2-840-0312