[Company News] LOTTE Chemical wins awards at the 『iF Design Awards 2021』.


“Developing designs as well as materials.”
LOTTE Chemical wins awards at the 『iF Design Awards 2021』.

█ Won a total of 17 global design awards since 2015.
█ Developing distinguished design solutions for competitiveness of advanced material products.

LOTTE Chemical won two Winners at the ‘iF Design Awards 2021.’

iF Design Awards is one of the world’s greatest design awards with 68 years of tradition and recognized as one of three world-class design awards along with Red Dot Germany and IDEA USA.

First hosted by German International Forum in 1953, the iF Design Awards selects outstanding products every year in nine divisions—product design, packaging, communication, professional concepts, interior design, architecture, service design, user experience (UX), and use interface (UI)—based on general evaluation of distinctiveness and influence of designs.

This year, about 9,500 pieces were submitted from 52 countries and 98 experts from 20 countries evaluated them to select Winners entered by 1,744 companies.

LOTTE Chemical won two awards in the User Interface category of the Professional Concept division.

'Multi-layered 3D Lighting Effect' expresses the refraction and pattern effect of light by combining eco-friendly high-impact clear PC materials with laser welding. The pores between the clear material on top and the diffusing material with patterns on the bottom create the 3D lighting effect.

‘Infinity Mirror Effect’ is the design for infinite reflection effect applying the plating material globally known for exceptional adherence and high-permeability/liquidity PC material. According to the structure, minimal source of light can be used for designs with depth and perspective.

The two award-winning materials have been combined with various techniques for new lighting effect and may be applied to auto-driving mobility, AI-embedded ICT, and electronic appliances with dramatic lighting effect. It is a solution that yields high productivity and economic value through efficient designs.

“The awards are the successful cases of various techniques and solutions combined to maximize the functionality and aesthetics of materials,” said Soo Kyung Kang, the head of Design Tech Division. “We will continue to discover distinguished designs and solutions to enhance competitiveness of products.”

LOTTE Chemical has won various global design awards since 2015, including Red Dot, UX Design Awards, in addition to the iF Design Awards.

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- Multi layered 3D lighting effect