[Press Release] LOTTE Chemical-Korea Gas Safety Corporation hold hands to improve the petrochemical industry safety technology.


LOTTE Chemical-Korea Gas Safety Corporation hold hands
to improve the petrochemical industry safety technology.

■ The MOU to improve safety of businesses and discover the latest safety diagnosis technology.
■ LOTTE Chemical promote property and safety control through facility and safety control system
    diagnosis of the entire production stations in Korea and customized advising.    

LOTTE Chemical (CEO Kyo Hyun Kim) and Korea Gas Safety Corporation (President Hae Jong Lim) entered the MOU to improve safety of business and discover the latest diagnosis technology for the safety of petrochemical facilities at Jamsil LOTTE World Tower, Seoul last 20th.

Through the MOU, the two companies agreed to construct the cooperation system for safety diagnosis consultation, optimum facility control systems, and hands-on training for safety through technical support and human resources network.

Korea Gas Safety Corporation is planning to provide advising and advanced control training for overall safety-related organization, standards, and systems for LOTTE Chemical’ safety control capacities and accident prevention.

LOTTE Chemical is planning to enhance the actual safety of business by diagnosing the facilities and control systems of Yeosu, Daesan, and Ulsan Factories and sharing the knowhow for safety control and diagnosis. Last January, LOTTE Chemical presented the ‘4 Major Safety & Environment Enhancement Measures’ to expand investment, reinforce professional manpower, improve systems, and strengthen internal capacities in safety and environment to haul the safety and environmental standards of all sites in Korea and abroad to the top-class level in the world.

“Both parties will contribute to advancing the safety technology and capacities of petrochemical facilities and preventing gas-related accidents by lay the foundation for systemized technical cooperation,” said Young Taek Huh, the Technical Director of Korea Gas Safety Corporation. “We will do our best to improve the substantial safety level of LOTTE Chemical.”

“We are planning to expedite the reinforcement of safety control capacities through cooperation and apply the upgraded regulations and systems to all of the global sites,” said Managing Director Youn Sup Kim, the head of LOTTE Chemical’s ESG Management Headquarters. "We will take the year 2021 as the 'first year of the safest company' to create the work environment where safety is the top priority and contribute to the safety advancement of petrochemical industries.”