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LOTTE Chemical replaces product packaging with recycled waste plastic materials


Eco-friendly product packaging – LOTTE Chemical replaces product packaging with recycled waste plastic materials.

■ Developed the PCR-PE packaging for the first time in Korea to apply to products shipped.
■ Saves plastic usage by 300 tons per year and contributes to vital cycle of resources.
■ Will expand the use of sustainable packaging through cooperation with partners.

LOTTE Chemical announced on the 9th that they independently developed the PCR-PE packaging for the first time in Korea and applied them to their own products shipped from July this year.

PCR-PE, the raw material used to make the packaging, is made from the waste PE bags that are initially produced by LOTTE Chemical and collected by customers after use. They are processed into reusable plastic and used to make the packaging materials that contain about 30% PCR-PE. They are similar to ordinary PE bags in properties.

The existing PE bags are widely used packaging materials made from synthetic resins, but they are recycled into low-quality materials or simply disposed as general waste. Therefore, LOTTE Chemical have initiated R&D to apply recycled plastic packaging from 2021 and completed a vital cycle of plastic to collect waste bags and turn them into materials for the PCR-PE bags with cooperation of customers.

LOTTE Chemical has been applying the PCR-PE bags to about 3,000 tons of HDPE products shipped domestically from Yeosu Plant each month and is planning to expand it to about 15,000 tons of PE and PP products by the end of this year. They are also planning to increase the amount of recycled plastic used for the PCR-PE packaging materials.

“We expect to recycle more than 300 tons of plastic a year with the PCR-PE bags,” said CEO Jin Koo Hwang of LOTTE Chemical’ Basic Material Division. "LOTTE Chemical will pioneer the vital cycle of plastic spanning the entire process of production, sale, and recycling.”

LOTTE Chemical developed the PCR-PP material that can apply to cosmetic and food containers for the first time in Korea last September and has been supplying it to customers. With 『Green Promise 2030』, the eco-friendly business strategies presented last February, they announced the plan to increase the sale of recycled waste plastic products to 1 million tons. More PCR materials will be developed in response to the increasing use of recycled materials by customers in Korea and abroad and the various environmental restrictions.