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LOTTE Chemical released artificial marbles named ‘Supreme.’


LOTTE Chemical released artificial marbles named ‘Supreme.’

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■ Six products released in the ‘Supreme’ collection of artificial marbles… A complete lineup of 11 products.
■ Reflects the latest trends to release aesthetic and functional products for various designs and antibacterial effects.
■ “We will actively target the artificial marble market in Korea and abroad with high-end, distinction strategies,” said CEO Lee Young-jun of the Advanced Material Division.

LOTTE Chemical announced on the 14th that they have newly released six kinds of artificial marble 'Supreme Collection.' Since the products were first released in 2015, six kinds have been added this year for a complete line of 11 kinds.

The 'Supreme Collection' is one of the premium lineups of ‘Staron,’ the acrylic artificial marble brand of LOTTE Chemical. Inspired by nature, the artificial marble has maximized the aesthetic character with smooth and sophisticated patterns and subtle colors. It is strong against pollution with great workability, so it can widely be used for interior finishes on kitchen furniture, tabletops, bathroom sinks, and art walls.

The newly released types are 'Downy White, Downy Dove, Arctic White, Flat White, Snowfall, and Granville’ and they commonly express the clear vein wave pattern that is trendiest in the artificial marble market to reproduce the feel of natural marble as much as possible.

Downy White and Downy Dove can realize the curved design for the smoothness of joints and coziness and 'Arctic White, Flat White, and Snowfall' have deeper patterns that can create various designs and textures with lighting.

For the great needs for antibacterial products nowadays, LOTTE Chemical’s antibacterial technology, evermoin, has been applied to 'Granville.’ It is free of harm for the human body and yields strong antibacterial effect desirable for restaurants, hospitals, and other public facilities.

“LOTTE Chemical’s independent technology and years of knowhow have been gathered to release new products with design, function, and value for the Supreme Collection,” said CEO Lee Young-jun of LOTTE Chemical’s Advanced Materials Division. "We will actively target the artificial marble market in Korea and abroad with high-end, distinction strategies."

LOTTE Chemical has invested about 30 billion KRW to expand and operate the production line that can produce 120,000 pieces of engineered stone a year at the Belenco Factory in Turkey last January. By doing so, it has the capacity to produce 440,000 pieces of engineered stone at the Yeosu Plant in Korea (one line for 90,000 pieces a year) and the Turkey Factory (three lines for 350,000 pieces a year). Greater variety of products can be provided based on the specialization of production lines in Korea and abroad.

Last September, the website for construction materials was renovated for customers’ convenience and to boost sale. LOTTE Chemical has the plans to continue developing construction material products leading the market trends and expand online marketing in relation to SNS for the competitiveness of business.