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Aiming to Expand Customer Value by Converting to a Digital Platform LOTTE Chemical Constructs Online Sales Management System ‘LOCHEM Portal’


Aiming to Expand Customer Value by Converting to a Digital Platform LOTTE Chemical Constructs Online Sales Management System ‘LOCHEM Portal’
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■ Official opening of online sales platform for polymer product client companies... Developed ‘LOCHEM Portal’ by securing big data and advancing system by implementing the online/mobile customer service ‘MaaS’ in ‘20
■ Used by about 1,2000 client companies… Configured real-time sales environment based on mobile such as product orders, deliveries, customer response, etc. and leading online transformation of petrochemical sales activities that are mainly offline and reinforcing customer services
■ Basic Materials President Hwang Jin-goo, "We will expand distinguished customer platforms that integrate IT technologies and big data to strengthen business competitiveness and enhance customer value"

LOTTE Chemical announced the official opening of the digital customer relations management (CRM) system ‘LOCHEM Portal’ for polymer product clients.

By breaking away from the sales method of the petrochemical industry mainly based on wired/face-to-face contact and implementing and operating an online/contact-free/real-time system, this strategy aims at allowing clients to quickly and conveniently gain access to the products and services of LOTTE Chemical.

The newly developed ‘LOCHEM Portal’ is an online sales system that further developed the online/mobile-based customer service platform ‘MaaS (Material as a Service)’ that LOTTE Chemical introduced in November 2020. Based on big data and customer/employee feedback accumulated by operating ‘MaaS’ for two years, areas of improvements and suggestions were found and the ‘LOCHEM Portal’ was completed through system development and tests.

‘LOCHEM Portal’ is highlighted by configuring an integrated sales environment based on mobile devices by expanding the ‘MaaS’ functions that provide functions such as product search, order status, and real-time transportation information. Customers can place orders directly using the application, and sales agents can check product shipments, delivery information, transportation vehicle assignment, etc. in real-time. The offline ordering method that usually required phone calls and e-mails with sales staff were transformed to an online platform, making it possible to handle orders conveniently and quickly anytime.

Customer support functions were also reinforced. Communication functions were improved so that when a customer requests improvements to the portal, the sales staff can check it in real-time and connect directly to the tech center that is in charge of the product right away to solve the issue promptly.

It is also expected to help contribute to improving the work efficiency of the transportation company. It has become easier to dispatch vehicles and manage drivers through a faster and more optimized user environment compared to the past, and it is also possible to share and smoothly communicate delivery status, etc. in real-time for both customers and sales agents.

The ‘LOCHEM Portal’ currently provides services to about 1,200 client companies that purchase PE (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene), and plans are to gradually expand the scope of customers using the service in the future.