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LOTTE Chemical conducted ‘Partner Rice’ donation activities ahead of Family Month


LOTTE Chemical conducted ‘Partner Rice’ donation activities ahead of Family Month

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■ On the 24th (Mon), held donation ceremony of about 3,000 sacks of 10kg rice with the attendance of President & CEO Kim Gyo Hyun
    and head of the Songpa-gu Office Seo Kang Seok
■ Since moving head office to Songpa-gu in 2017, continuously carried out social contribution activities such as donating supplies for the
    summer and winter seasons, donating rice, etc.

LOTTE Chemical announced that ahead of May, which is Family Month, it donated approximately 3,000 sacks of 10kg rice to Songpa-gu Office.

At the donation ceremony held at Songpa-gu Office in the afternoon of the 24th (Mon), LOTTE Chemical President & CEO Kim Gyo Hyun, head of Songpa-gu Office Seo Kang Seok, etc. participated to hold the ‘Partner Rice’ donation ceremony.

‘Partner Rice’ is a donation program of purchasing agricultural products in areas near the Daesan Plant of LOTTE Chemical and to share them with needy neighbors in our community so that we may rethink about the meaning of warm sharing, and this event has been held every year since 2021.

LOTTE Chemical President & CEO Kim Gyo Hyun said, “We understand that not only economic achievements, but creating social, environmental and other values are crucial in order to develop as a sustainable company,” and added, “We plan to conduct support activities for our neighbors in hard times through mutual development with the local community and social contribution.”

Meanwhile, in addition to this rice donation event, LOTTE Chemical has been engaging in various social contribution activities focusing on the three themes of environment, women/children, and the community under the vision of ‘Sustainable Companionship, Green Circulation’. In the environmental (nature) theme, activities to improve social awareness on resource circulation and for preserving the ecosystem are being promoted, and in the women/children (people) theme, customized programs for multicultural women and children are being supported. In the community (society) theme, support for vulnerable classes in areas where LOTTE Chemical worksites are located is being provided, and safety campaigns for improving residential environments, and firefighter support activities are being pursued.