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LOTTE Chemical Holds R&D Performance Sharing Meeting, InnoFesta


LOTTE Chemical Holds R&D Performance Sharing Meeting, InnoFesta

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■ Held annually since 2015, this year being 9th time... Sharing research achievements of researchers and awarding outstanding R&D cases

LOTTE Chemical held the R&D performance sharing meeting titled InnoFesta at the LOTTE Chemical Institute of Technology in Daejeon on the 21st. The event was attended by LOTTE Chemical Basic Materials President Hwang Jin Goo and LOTTE researchers.

‘InnoFesta’ combines the words ‘Innovation’ and ‘Festival’ and it has been held annually since 2015, celebrating its ninth anniversary this year. At the 9th InnoFesta, LOTTE Chemical shared the research achievements of the year and awarded outstanding research organizations and researchers. Furthermore, in order to spread positive employee experiences, various events for employees to enjoy such as R&D basic capacity mini games, photo zones, etc. were offered.

Meanwhile, awards were given in seven areas at this year’s InnoFesta such as outstanding research organizations and researchers involving abrasion-resistant/high-intensity ultra-high polymer PE product development, wet PE separator product development, semi-nonflammable PU board mass production technology development, solid electrolyte and coating separator development, as well as outside award winners, patent applications, etc.

LOTTE Chemical is focusing on various future innovation technology R&D such as battery materials, recycled plastic, and hydrogen energy, and it plans to continuously expand its related portfolio.