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LOTTE Chemical Applies Recycled Plastic in 25kg PE and PP Packaging Bags


LOTTE Chemical Applies Recycled Plastic in 25kg PE and PP Packaging Bags

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[Photo]: LOTTE Chemical's Packaging bag made from ECOSEED r-PE & r-PP materials.

■ Packaging bag with 30% recycled materials used in 25kg PE (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene) product packaging bags manufactured at the Yeosu and Daesan Plants... Reduce over 1,500 tons of plastic annually
■ Manufactured packaging bags using recycled PE (r-PE) of ‘ECOSEED’, LOTTE Chemical’s eco-friendly material brand... Constructed good cycle system of ‘collect waste packaging materials-recycle raw materials-manufacture packaging bag’
■ Actively use ‘ECOSEED’ products... Plans to expand application of various product packaging bags to other subsidiaries of the LOTTE chemical unit

LOTTE Chemical announced that it applied recycled materials in all of the 25kg PE (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene) product packaging bags produced at the Yeosu Plant and Daesan Plant.

The changed packaging bag uses 30% recycled materials, and it was produced using LOTTE Chemical’s eco-friendly material brand ‘ECOSEED’ r-PE (recycled polyethylene).

Yeosu Plant and Daesan Plant used about 5,400 tons of plastic in 2023 for packaging bags. Packaging bags using the ‘ECOSEED’ r-PE material is expected to reduce about 1,500 tons of plastic usage annually.

LOTTE Chemical conducted R&D to apply recycled plastic packaging bags since 2021, and with the cooperation of its clients, it is building a plastic circulation system of collecting waste packaging materials and using it to produce raw materials for r-PE. Plans are to expand r-PE bags to a variety of other products in other LOTTE chemical unit companies.

LOTTE Chemical combined the recycled plastic and bio plastic materials in September of last year to launch its eco-friendly material brand ‘ECOSEED’. ‘ECOSEED’ possesses high-quality product groups (r-PET, r-PC, r-ABS, r-PE, r-PP) for which most most plastics used in everyday life can be recycled, and it secured eco-friendly recycling technologies such as Korea’s largest chemical recycling PET plant conversion, proprietary catalyst purification technologies, and production of Korea’s first pyrolysis naphtha production technologies, etc.